Fees for GCCFV

The Burmilla



  • Annual membership fees are due by 1st january each year and cover the periiod up to 31st December.
  • Half Year applies for Member applications from 1st July.
  • Membership renewal fees must be paid by  31st December. Late Renewal Fee applies.
  • Renewals made after 31 january will attract payment of the  Joining Fee $25

76L x 54W x 61H (Large) = $63.00
61L x 53W x 61H (Small) = $58.00
To order one or more please contact the secretary

TypeHalf YearFull Year
Membership Fees 
Joining Fee $25$25
Late Renewal fee (after 31st January will attract the joining fee of $25) $10
Membership | Single $25$40
Membership | Joint (2 adults same address) $40$70
Membership | Junior (under 18 for showing only) $10$15
Membership | Pensioner (copy of card required) $14$25
Breeders List $10$10
Registration Fees 
Litter registration – litters under 6 months of age $10
Litter registration – litters over 6 months of age up to 12 months $25
Individual first–time registration (Cat over 12 months of age) $25
Individual first–time registration $10
Transfer of ownership (Cats already on Database) $10
New Transfers (Interstate) $20
New Transfers (Overseas/Imported cats) $35
Transfer of paperwork lodged after 60 days from date on Pedigree will incur a surcharge of $25
Cattery Transfer – when lodged with m/ship application $5
Cattery Transfer as above with overseas pedigree $10
Lease Registration $10
Pet Pedigrees $10
Registration Updates $5
Title update to pedigree $5
5 Generation Pedigree $35
6 to 8 Generation Pedigree $50
Prefix Registration $50
Honours Fees 
All Titles (Certificate only) $10
Gold & Silver Certificates with Medal $15
Group 4 Titles (Opal, Sapph ,Emld, Ruby, Diam) $10
All ACF Awards $20
Club Affiliation Fees 
Annual Affiliation $200
Annual Contribution to Office Maintenance $50