Affiliated Clubs of the GCCFV

New Breeds Cat Club of Victoria

This club was formed in 2004 and is opened to owners and breeders of all breeds from the new to the established.

The club's philosophy includes :

  •    To promote responsible cat ownership
  •    To promote the newer breeds of cats
  •    To foster the welfare and kind treatment of all cats
  •    To raise public awareness of the benefits of cat ownership
  •    To promote showing and responsible breeding of purebred cats
  • To hold and promote Cat Shows & Expos
  • To maintain affiliation with the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy Australia & Victoria Incorporated

To contact the club please email:



Royal Thai Cat Club Inc.

Royal ThaCat Club was formed and granted GCCFV Affiliation in October 2008.

The aims and objectives of the Royal Thai Cat Club are:

  • Specifically to promote the Siamese, Oriental, Balinese, Longhair Oriental and Foreign White breeds.
  • To ensure the continuance of breeding to the Standard of these Breeds.
  • To produce a friendly and encouraging atmosphere assisting all newcomers to the Cat Fancy.
  • Promoting the health, and wellbeing of all breeds of cats.
  • Promote the necessity of welfare and responsible treatment of cats.
  • Encouraging responsible cat ownership, and compliance with local authorities.
  • Promote the status of cats in our community.
  • Encourage and Promote and hold an annual All Breeds Cat Show.
  • Encourage a warm and friendly atmosphere at all Club Meetings and Shows.

Office Bearers are:

President: Christian Nimmervoll
Vice President: Elizabeth Angus
Secretary: Melanie Bennett
Treasurer: Michael Nimmervoll

Enquiries re Club Membership please call the Secretary on 0419 105 727 or email