Cat Registration for GCCFV

The British Shorthair


Only members of GCCF can register a Cat, Prefix, or Litter, or apply for Honours. Membership is singular and associate, non-voting, membership only. If a cat is in joint names all parties must be members.

Members are required to abide by the Rules and Code of Ethics of GCCF. There is a joining fee plus an Annual fee for the year ending 31st December. If the Annual fee is not paid by 1st January, membership lapses and members wishing to re-join must pay the joining fee.

The voting members are the Committee of Council and 2 delegates from each club. Clubs instruct their delegates how to vote. If you want to have a say on what GCCF decides, join a club. You will find a list of clubs and contacts on the Show Date Calendar.


All Breeders must register a Prefix (Cattery Name) with Council. The Prefix must be original and have no more than 10 letters. To register, fill out the Prefix application form with 6 choices in order of preference and send it to Council with the required Fee . A Prefix may be transferred from the owner's previous control body. A Prefix may be registered in the names of more than one person, but they must both be members of GCCF


Pedigrees must contain all details of the cat's ancestors for at least 3 generations i.e. Name of cat including Prefix, Registration Number, Breed & Colour of its parents, grand parents and great-grandparents.


All cats to be bred from must be registered with a recognised control body. For a litter to be registered with GCCF, the queen must be registered with GCCF. An Application for Litter Registration form should be completed and forwarded to Council with the correct fee. The stud service section must be completed and signed by the owner of the stud. The owner of the queen must complete the rest of the form and sign it. A Pedigree of the litter must also be sent. A Litter Registration number and Certificate is issued. The litter registration number may be used for show puposes until kittens are 5 months old.


All Pedigree Cats over the age of 5 months must be individually registered with a recognised governing body if they are to be shown.


Owners wishing to individually register a cat/kitten for the first time must send its pedigree and a completed Application for Registration of a Cat/Kitten form, with the correct fee, to the office. The form and pedigree must be signed by the breeder. The number of letters in a cat's name must not exceed 30 letters including the Prefix. A Cat Registration & Ownership Certificate, showing the cat's registered name, number and details, will be forwarded to the owner.  Microchip details are compulsory on all individual cat/kitten registration forms.


If registration is being transferred, the transfer section at the bottom of the Cat Registration & Ownership Certificate must be completed by the previous and new owners. The completed form, with the correct fee, is to be sent to the office. The new owner will receive a Cat Registration and Ownership Certificate in their name.


Cats transferred between members of different control bodies must be individually registered with the seller's control body before being registered with the new control body.

For GCCF members selling to a member of another control body, the signed Certificate of Transfer, a pedigree for certification and the requisite fees are to be sent to the office. The new owner will be sent a Cat Registration & Ownership Certificate and Certified Pedigree. Non-members of GCCF may then send this form to their control body for registration.

GCCF members buying from non-members must have the cat individually registered with the seller's control body and send the registration Certificate and Certified Pedigree, issued with the GCCFV member as the owner of the kitten/cat, to GCCFV which will then issue a new Cat Registration & Ownership Certificate. (The registration Certificates of some control bodies incorporate Certified Pedigrees).

Cats registered to non-members must be desexed and a Certified Pedigree will be issued in yellow with a watermark of "PET ONLY" across the page.


This is a Pedigree certified by the control body with which the cat/kitten is registered.


Council has a bold advertisement in Yellow Pages which brings in lots of inquiries. These are answered at the office, either in person or by the answering matching which gives 2 other numbers to ring. There is usually someone available at reasonable hours on at least one of these numbers, so people inquiring about kittens can be given the names and phone numbers of breeders. It is helpful if breeders notify the Secretary, preferably by registering the litter, when they have kittens so that people are not given a list of breeders who do not have kittens.