GCCFV Judges


Joan Henderson ~ Groups 1, 2 & 3


(03) 9841 7189
0419 354 179

14 Forest Court
Templestow 3106

All Breeds Judge – Licensed to Judge since 1970.
Judged in all States of Australia – International Assignments:– United Sates of America, New Zealand, Philippines, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, Bermuda.

INTERESTS: Prefix AZADIA – Bred Seal Point Siamese for 8 years, Abyssinians for 15 years.
Have bred ad owned Gd Ch and Best in Show Entires and Neuters.
Also owned and exhibited – Burmese, British Blue Shorthairs and Cornish Rex.

Former Committee Member of the Feline Control Council of Victoria Inc. Australia
Have held all positions in connection with running Championship Cat Shows.
Founding President, Life Member of Adelaide Shorthair Cat Club, South Australia
Past member of Executive Committee of F.A.S.A South Australia and Breeds Standard Committee.
Life Member Past President Vice–President ad Secretary of royal Sacred Siamese Cat Club.
Patron of The Melbourne Cat Club of Victoria Inc.
Past Committee Member of The independent Cat Council of Queensland.
Past President and Life Member of FCCV Judges Association and organiser of breed workshops.
Past Co–Ordinator and Research Officer of FCCV Judges Association.
Judges Examiner for Feline Association of South Australia for 10 years which consisted in the training of students and conducting all tests and exams.
Tutor Judge and Examiner for Hong Kong Cat Council and Philippines Longhair Cat Fanciers.
Board member of Hong Kong Cat Council.
Honorary Member of The Garden State Cat Club of New Jersey, USA.
Past Editor of Cat Magazines in South Australia and Queensland.
Currently a contributor of articles for CATS & KITTENS, New Dalhi, India.

For 43 years I lived all over Australia and this gave me the opportunity to gain a broad knowledge of the Cat Fancy in several States. Having hosted many judges from all over the world it made me realise what a close community we really are and the sharing of ideas has been invaluable. I have judged, many times, in every State of Australia and overseas which has allowed me to keep up with many old and valued friends in the Cat Fancy and to see, first hand, the many new breeds recognised I the U.S.A. One of the most enjoyable aspects of my position in the Cat Fancy, aside from judging, is the opportunity to assist those fanciers who have sought my help and advice over the years and this has given me great satisfaction.

Due to constant travelling I was no longer able to participate as a breeder but for n years we were owned by really wonderful Abyssinian neuter/spays.